Indian Boy Names begining with Letter C

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Indian Baby Boy Names:

A B C D E F G H I J  K L M N O P R S T U V Y

Indian Baby Girl Names:

 A  B  C D  E G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V Y

Twin Boy - Girl names, Twin Baby Boy names, Twin Baby Girl names


Indian boy names starting with C and their meanings are given below.

Name Meaning
Chaitanya: the name of a saint, consciousness
Chakor: a bird enamoured of the moon
Chakradev: Lord Vishnu
Chakradhar: Lord Vishnu
Chakrapani: Lord Vishnu
Chakshu: eye
Chaman: garden
Chamanlal: garden
Champak: a flower
Chanakya: son of chanaka
Chanchal: restless
Chandak: the moon
Chandan: sandalwood
Chander Raj: Lord of moon
Chandrabhan: moon
Chandrachur: Lord Shiva
Chandrakanta: the moon
Chandrakiran: moonbeam
Chandrakirthi: as famous as the moon
Chandrakishore: the moon
Chandrakumar: the moon
Chandramohan: attractive like the moon
Chandran: the moon
Chandranath: the moon
Chandraprakash: moonlight
Chandraraj: moonbeam
Chandrashekar: Lord Shiva
Chandratha: nectar of the moon
Chandresh: lord of moon
Chandrodaya: moonrise
Charan: feet
Charanjit, Charanjeet: who has won the world
Charudatta: born with beauty
Charuvardhana: one who enhances beauty
Charuvindha: striving for beauty
Chaturbhuj: four armed
Chanyana: moon
Cheliyan: rich, resourceful, prosperous
Chellamani: precious gem
Chellamuthu: precious pearl
Chellapan: precious
Chemmal: premier, best
Chetan: consciousness
Chetana: perceptive, consciousness
Chevatkodiyon: Lord Murugan
Chhandak: the charioteer of Lord Buddha
Chidambaram: home of Lord Shiva
Chidananda: Lord Shiva
Chiman: curious
Chinmay: blissful, supreme consciousness
Chinmayananda: blissful, supreme consciousness
Chinnadurai: prince
Chintan: thought
Chinthanaichelvan: Intelligent, thoughtful
Chintya: worthy of thought
Chirag: lamp
Chiranjeev: immortal
Chirantan: immortal
Chirayu: immortal
Chithayu: born of intellect
Chitrabhanu: fire
Chitragupta: secret picture
Chitral: of variegated colour
Chitrarath: the sun
Chitrasen: a king of Gandharvas
Chitta: mind
Chirtrang: with multicolored body
Chittaranjan: internal joy
Chittesh: lord of the soul

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