Indian Boy Names with T

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Indian Baby Boy Names:

A B C D E F G H I J  K L M N O P R S T U V Y

Indian Baby Girl Names:

 A  B  C D  E G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V Y

Twin Boy - Girl names, Twin Baby Boy names, Twin Baby Girl names


Baby boy names begining with letter T and their meaning are tabulated.
Name Meaning
Taahir: modest
Taj: crown
Taksheel: one with a strong character
Talal: nice
Talin: Lord Shiva
Tana: issue
Tanak: prize
Tanan: flute
Tanish: ambition
Tanmay: engrossed, concentrate
Tanveer, Tanvir, Tanweer: strong
Tanuk: son
Tapas: heat
Tapesh: The Holy trinity
Tapeshwar, Tarakeshwar, Taraknath: Lord Shiva
Taran: Lord Vishnu
Tarang, Taranjot: wave
Tarendra: prince of stars
Tariq: name of stars
Tarun: young
Tapan: hot
Tapas: heat
Tarak: star, pupil of eye
Taran: heaven
Tarang: wave
Tayseer: facilitation
Teerth: holy place
Tej: lustrous
Tejas: sharpness, light
Tejandra, Tejander: Lord sun
Thavanesh: Lord Shiva
Tilak: spot of vermillion on forehead
Tirranand: Lord Shiva
Tirth: pilgrim
Tonmoy, Tanmay: Engrossed
Trilochan: with three eyes, Shiva
Trilok: the three worlds
Trilokesh: Lord Shiva
Triloknath: Lord Shiva
Trimurti: The Holy trinity
Trinayan: Lord Shiva
Tripurjit: Lord Shiva
Tripurari: Lord Shiva
Trivikram: Lord Vishnu
Tulasidas: servant of Tulasi
Tungesh: moon
Tushar: drops of water, winter

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